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November 27, 2016: What the Fugue?


CORELLI Christmas Concerto
This is a nice performance by the Symphony Orchestra of Galicia

VIVALDI Bassoon Concerto in E Minor
This performance was by a student, with a Polish student orchestra. It’s particularly germane, as Vivaldi, known as the Red Priest for his head of flaming red hair, worked with the girls in a public orphanage. This student orchestra is almost all women, and the head of red hair on this conductor is nothing short of memorable.

BACH Little Fugue in G Minor
A hip version from four young singers, a capella. We’ll play it sans shades.

MOZART Adagio and Fugue
Speaking of a conductor with a great head of hair…

STRAVINSKY Concerto in D
Really now, who needs a conductor, after all?


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