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October 1, 2017: Triumphal Delights

ROSSINI L'italiana in Algeri: Overture
Says Wikipedia

Here’s a 1986 performance with the Metropolitan Opera orchestra conducted by James Levine. Truth be told: the introduction is too fast, so it ends up rhythmically unsteady as he has to slow it down periodically to accommodate all those oboe notes. But hey, he was young.


LESHNOFF Cello Concerto
About Leshnoff
Leshnoff on his Cello Concerto

And HERE is our soloist Daniel Hass performing Haydn (no kidding – the YouTube explanation calls it Haydn’s “infamous” cello concerto. At least it’s not covfefe.)


BEETHOVEN Symphony No. 7
Says Peter Gutmann in a loooooooong article (get your reading glasses!)

This is a recording by the Seoul Philharmonic. Very good orchestra, but here’s a little “inside baseball”: the 1st-movement introduction ends with some Es passed back and forth between violins and oboe & flute, and invariably the woodwinds are sharp (higher pitch) to the violins. In this recording (starting at 03:30) the oboe is sharp to the violins, and the flute tries to keep her pitch down, with some unfortunate intonation resulting.

Read about scandal at the Seoul Philharmonic HEREHERE, and HERE.

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